Japan Clubhouse Coalition


Japan Clubhouse Coalition is to convey fundamental philosophy and practice of Clubhouse model correctly throughout Japan, in coordination with domestic Clubhouses operated in accordance with the International Standards by Clubhouse International.

The coalition is also to support groups aiming to develop Clubhouses, promoting social inclusion of people with mental illness and actively disseminating effectiveness and value of the Clubhouse model.


The coalition conducts the following activities to accomplish the purpose.

  1. To support existing Clubhouses to enhance their quality and to promote exchange and coordination among Clubhouses constructing effective networks.
  2. To support setting up and developing new clubhouses. Also to conduct seminars and trainings to nurture clubhouse models.
  3. Liaison and coordination with Clubhouse International
  4. To support dispatching people to International Seminars and conferences conducted by Clubhouse International and to regional conferences and seminars.
  5. Web sites operation and other public relation activities to disseminate Clubhouse model.
  6. To study effectiveness and achievement of the Clubhouse model and also to disseminate the study to related institutions.
  7. To hold Japan Clubhouse conference regularly.
  8. Other activities necessary to pursue its purpose.


Japan Clubhouse Coalition (Secretariat:Clubhouse Yuusen)

New Naka Sunplaza 2A, 3-53 Nakamonzen-cho Kakamingahara-City
Gifu, 504-0911 JAPAN

Clubhouse Locations

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